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The Sept of the Three Old Oaks
Telephone call 
19th-Oct-2008 10:23 am
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Less than a week after the pack's adventure in Binghampton, Irene receives a call from her mother.

"Irene, were you in Binghampton recently?"
30th-Oct-2008 02:54 pm (UTC) - Re: At the Apartment
Irene shifts back quickly, running over to her mother to make sure she's okay, swearing softly under her breath.
30th-Oct-2008 06:30 pm (UTC) - Re: At the Apartment
After a few tense minutes, Ms. Drake revives. Looking at Irene's human face, she blinks, then eases herself back on to the couch.

"I...I..." she stammers, then takes a deep breath and seems to get control of herself. "I'm going home...I need to think about this." Without giving Irene or David a chance to respond, she continues, "I need some time to think - you can't expect me to take this in all at once." She gathers up her coat and purse and heads for the door, still obviously shaken by what she's seen.
31st-Oct-2008 12:05 am (UTC) - Re: At the Apartment
Irene starts to move to intercept her mother, then stops, her shoulders slumping a little. "I understand you need time, it's not something that's easy to take in, but I'm still me, and I still love you." She pauses. "It was rather a shock for me too. When your ready to talk, call me, okay?"
31st-Oct-2008 12:13 am (UTC) - Re: At the Apartment
Ms. Drake pauses at the threshold, various emotions warring in her as she looks back at Irene. "Okay," she says, after a perceptible pause. Then she walks out the door, her face still pale.
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