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The Sept of the Three Old Oaks
Events during downtime 
4th-Oct-2008 10:21 am
WtA Claws
The following events occur in the downtime between the September 20 and October 4 sessions.

Snowe gives birth to a baby boy. Night's-Daughter confirms that the baby is Kin.

Night's-Daughter challenges Holds-Back-the-Dark to recognize her as Fostern, and succeeds.

Holds-Back-the-Dark reports that the dismembered, flayed corpse of a metis Garou was found by Andreas Joergenson near the Woodbourne Forest and Wildlife Preserve. Kin and Garou law enforcement managed to cover up the discovery, but the killer remains unidentified.

Sarah McTaggart is interred next to her granddaughter, Lydia MacDougal.

Fall classes begin for Whiteoak College, William Bridges High, Aileen Miles Middle, and Ian Lemke Elementary.

The population of Oakville prepares for the annual Music and Harvest Festival.

"Poor Charlotte MacDougal! Losing her little girl and her mother so close together! No wonder she’s seeing a shrink!"

"Did you hear about the new people who moved in on Maple Street? They have this weird name — I think it might be Russian or something like that...."

"Did you hear? That white-haired girl who lives with the Sullivans' friend just had a baby! I hope that boy does the responsible thing; we don’t need any deadbeat dads in this town!"
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