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The Sept of the Three Old Oaks
Events during downtime 
23rd-Dec-2008 09:10 am
WtA Claws
Following the November 15, 2008 session

A faulty gas line severely damages a portion of the Shady Acres Residential Development near Binghampton, NY.

(Following the December 6, 2008 session)

The deceased metis is identified as Iain Milk-of-the-Moon, and a memorial is erected to him in the Graves of the Hallowed Heroes.

Oakville resident Lloyd McTaggart, aged 78, goes missing. Professor Charlotte MacDougal takes a leave of absence from her job at Whiteoak College to search for her father.

The FBI launches an investigation into the disappearance of six year-old Jaelynn Winthrop from Binghampton, NY. A photograph of the child bears a striking resemblance to the child vampire the Horn's Blood encountered in the home of the vampire responsible for Yvonne Westergaard's death.

The mutilated bodies of two hunters are found near the Woodbourne Forest and Wildlife Preserve.

"The Void Has Eyes," a new dark metal band, debuts at a club in Binghampton. Their debut album, "The Bitter Farewell," becomes a featured selection at Otherworlds.

"The woods near campus are haunted! No, really! Someone in my friend’s class saw something — it was all white, and it had glowing red eyes and claws!"

"Did you hear? The prophecies of Nostradamus say that there'll be a murder spree on the shortest night of the year, at a school near a forest, with a cross-shaped building on campus and a cemetery nearby — just like this one!"
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